Hey there, my name is Lohgan Brock and I'm the creator of the Deep Roots multimedia project! I was born and raised in Parachute Colorado, which is the town I chose as the focus of this project. I am the fifth generation to grow up in Parachute, so I naturally have an incredibly deep connection to this community already. I am so excited to share with you the history and stories of the people I've always looked up to. My hope for this project is that Parachute can act as a reflection of every other "Small Town USA" out there. If you are from a small town yourself, I hope you can see your community reflected through the deep history and interconnectedness displayed in these people's stories. If you are not from a small town, it is my hope that this project offers a peek into how special it can be to experience such a tight-knit community and deep connection to your home. 

I am a student at Colorado Mesa University studying Mass Communications with a minor in English. Some of my greatest joy comes from writing, and this project has revealed how special it is to write about things that matter to me on a deeper level.


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This project is sponsored through Crossing The Divide, a multimedia exploration of life in the Intermountain West, funded by Rocky Mountain PBS. For more information and similar content, please visit the Crossing The Divide social media pages.

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